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Live Video Streaming to Any Mobile Device with Wowza Media Server Hosting

Wowza Media Server allows static and live video streaming to any mobile device including iOS, Android, Blackberry and tablets in addition to traditional Windows, Apple and Linux desktop clients.

It is the industry leader for delivering video with features like automatic bandwidth detection, RTMP push publishing, dynamic load balancing, cross platform compatibility and the most scalable high performance video delivery solution.

The largest Wowza Media Server hosting deployment that we’ve setup consisted of 32 servers, 2 continents and over 10Gbps of traffic at peak load. The surprise factor came when several of these servers maxed out their 1Gbps network port in pure bandwidth and the system did not experience heavy processor or memory usage. This makes Wowza truly capable of delivering bandwidth that exceeds 10Gbps+ per second on a very small server footprint.

Our Wowza Media Hosting Story:

32 Servers
2 Continents
125,000 Concurrent Users
10Gbps+ of Peak Traffic

Our cost for 1000 Concurrent Viewers 24/7 at 128Kbps Stream Quality: $640/month

Our fully managed Wowza Media Server solution includes everything needed to migrate your existing environment, deploy a new video service or expand your existing video site.

On top of that our managed hosting solution also provides all the basics you need to be completely hands off from your servers providing daily backup, unlimited technical support, installation assistance, configuration, monitoring and optimization.

Choose Wowza Media Server for your live streaming and video delivery needs, just be sure to find a provider that understands the requirements that large video streaming will place on the servers and the network.Contact us today to discuss your needs at no charge and we can help plan your solution and provide the best price for your Wowza Media hosting.