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Why use Load Balancing to Speed Up, Protect and Grow your Hosted Website

Why use Load Balancing to Speed Up, Protect and Grow your Hosted Website

At its most basic form Load Balancing allows you to distribute requests to multiple dedicated servers. This can be web requests for your popular blog, ad network, or social media site or a different protocol like memcache or MySQL. Server Load Balancing automatically provides 2 benefits – increased capacity, and high availability. For increased capacity requests are now sent to an unlimited amount of real servers, instead of being sent to a single machine. Secondly, if one of the application servers is unavailable, the Load Balancer is smart enough to direct traffic to the remaining online dedicated servers thereby allowing your website or application to survive individual server failures and deliver high availability.

The following are 7 common advantages to using Load Balancers in your hosted web service, we provide all of them with full configuration, monitoring and maintenance. This means you get enterprise level service at only $100/server allowing you to scale with ease.

1. Handle more requests than a single dedicated web server will allow.

2. Increase site uptime and availability by protecting against server failure.

3. Serve a static recovery error page if all dedicated servers are unavailable.

4. Distribute traffic based on system load for each load balanced server.

5. Load Balancing can be used as an effective Firewall method protecting the real IP address of your dedicated servers.

6. Protection against DDoS attacks and using server resources only for legitimate traffic requests.

7. Offload SSL Encryption to the Load Balancer instead of the web server.

Our Load Balancing service starts at just $100/month per server and with all of the great features listed above it is a vital part of healthy web infrastructure. The best part about our Load Balancing service is that we fully manage the configuration, monitoring and maintenance of the service ensuring that you always get the best possible performance and reliability from your dedicated servers. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, or review the Load Balancing product page for more details.