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ServerStack’s “White Glove” Managed Hosting Experience

Yes, there are a lot of options in the crowded managed hosting space. However, if you are considering a managed hosting provider, there are few important questions that you will need to answer:

1) Are they reliable and stable?

2) What is the level of support that I will be receiving?

3) Will my site be able to scale effectively while experiencing maximum performance?

Sometimes, these question can be difficult to answer and that is why we’ve gone ahead and answered them for you. =]

Answer #1: ServerStack’s SLA guarantees that your website will experience 100% uptime in any give month, excluding scheduled maintenance. Any experienced downtime would immediately be reimbursed back to the customer. No questions asked! We have seven of the best data centers across the US and Europe, with flagship locations in New Jersey and Amsterdam.

Answer #2: ServerStack takes pride in setting the standard in the managed hosting industry by providing the best support out there. ServerStack likes to refer to our level of support as “White Glove” service. The kind of high-end support that will bend over backwards to answer and resolve any issue while at the same time, insuring that your site is being properly monitored, managed, backed-up, and optimized 24/7. No other managed hosting provider can compete on the level of service that we provide. How do we do this? It is simple. Our 24/7 support team is comprised of system administrators and engineers that manage your dedicated servers around the clock. Unfortunately, if you go with a large managed hosting provider, 99% of the time you will have to speak to the first “layer” of support that will have to escalate any major issues to the layers above them for it to be resolved. Yes, this is the harsh reality.

We are so confident that you will be pleased with our level of support that we offer all customers a Support Guarantee! This guarantee states that if you are not fully satisfied with our support, at anytime, we will fully refund your money and give back your data. No cancellation/termination fee will be applied.

Answer #3: ServerStack is the industry leader in scaling web infrastructures. Ok, ok – we know, everyone says that they are the “Leader.” How can we be so sure, right?! Well, it is simple. We’ve scaled the largest website out of any hosting provider in the world…period. And here is how we did it! The site now receives approximately 150 million pageviews per day and is an Alexa Top 50 website. This website started out with a single dedicated server and grew to a multi-cluster configuration that is managed by the ServerStack team.

If you are at all hesitating to try us out…please don’t! We are willing to offer your first month of managed hosting for free. No set-up fee or contract required. You can cancel at anytime.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our sales department or stop by our office in downtown Manhattan (SoHo) to say hello.